My journey to a successful coaching business – aka consistent €10k months

When I started coaching in 2016, I knew this just felt right. I loved the connection and depth it brought to human interactions.

Working part-time as a coach was great, I could learn and grow at my own pace.

And at some point I knew, I had to do this fulltime as I just got too busy managing a corporate team and running my own coaching business

So I stepped into fulltime coaching. And soon I realised:

  • I love my work and the impact I have
  • I worked hard and sometimes results came, sometimes they didn’t
  • And also was not quite sure how to get my next client or how to do marketing that created results
  • All of a sudden I saw myself flirting with burnout and overwhelm
  • It’s hard to find the time to work ON the business instead of being IN it

This was when I realized, I had to shift how I do business. I knew my marketing was not working although I followed some webinars and read blogs and books.

I knew my pricing was off but I was scared to increase it.

I knew I had to find my niche but was so fed up with not knowing what it was

I thought I could do it all on my own – after all I am smart, built companies and startups before, so I should be able to do this as well. I was dreaming of:

  • Having a consistent stream of clients I am excited to be working with
  • Building a clear, repeatable marketing process
  • Reaching my income & freedom goals without burning out

But this was so much different, I realized my scrambling around and improvising simply did not work in this case.

So I decided to take myself and my business more seriously. Step into my CEO shoes and act as the business owner I was. Not just a coach that creates great results with their clients. But also a business owner that takes market research, marketing and sales seriously.

And that was a very different energy I needed to show up with than I used to bring as a coach. It was a long way and there were many things I learned, next to building more confidence in my work. Here a re a few of the highlights that I learned from many different sales coaches, SEO experts and top of class marketing wizards (and spending multiple €10k’s in the process).

I learned:

  • How to create marketing that resonates with my dream clients
  • How to create a sales process that actually works
  • How to get to continuous €10k months

3 steps that you could try yourself to create:

1. Reach your dream clients

1.You have a clear picture of who your dream clients are and what their problems/aspirations are. 

DO: Market research calls with potential dream clients. 

2. Your personal story is fully aligned with your messaging and and what your clients want 

DO: Use your own struggles and aspirations to craft a value statement

3.Your marketing activities create a consistent flow of messages and client intake calls

DO: Test 4 different messages and compare resonance on social media

Use this empathy map canvas to describe your target audience. If you have multiple, create different ones for each of your audiences (max 2-3)

2. Structure your offer around value for clients

Value: Talk abt in marketing messages. This is the highlevel outcome clients get when spending money and time with you.

E.g. Getting role as boardmember, Finally having a job that excites me, making €10k/month in my business

Benefits: Something they get as well out of your work together, but not your biggest value. Mention in personal interactions/sales call

E.g. Feeling comfortable presenting to the board, having more time with family, being able to do sports 3x week, being able to save for my pension

Features: Only talk about when they are ready to buy.

E.g. Career assessment, coaching frameworks, free goal setting session, homework accountability

3. Check your money mindset and imposter

What’s your pricing strategy right now?

What‘s your connection with money? 

What are your (limiting) beliefs around it?

A playful approach to adjusting your pricing:

  • Set target pricing structure: Target income you want monthly (vat, taxes, pension, etc included) divided by amount of hours you can do coaching per week = hourly rate. Turn those into packages.
  • Incremental increases from your current rate to your calculated target rate
  • Keep fighting the Saboteurs by remembering the value you provide

If you’re dreaming of freedom, flexibility, a consistent flow of clients and €10k months

But it’s hard to find the TIME to work on the things that actually move the needle

And you’re not quite sure what those things SHOULD be

Setting up a financially successful coaching practice can be so easy!

Since I have started coaching other coaches on their business aspects with my startup and corporate experience, I created amazing results:

“Miguel, this program you teach really works! I just got a client at my new rates – money in the bank already!”

Carolina Spierings-Kudo, certified Leadership Coach, CPCC

And here is the program that I use, lot of content, real-world examples, and frameworks we can tailor to your own situation:

Do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about my journey or want to know more about how we can get the same results for yourself:

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