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My 'Signature Career & Confidence' programme is tailor made for you and available in English, Dutch and German.

I struggled for a long time with what I wanted to be, become or have as a career. Until I realized and accepted that both sides, the people side and the entrepreneurial business side both can go hand in hand. Today, I create everyday my role, my projects as coach and as entrepreneur. Accepting that all of who I am can be part of my career, unlocked a lot of energy and passion to create new things every day.



My ‘Signature Career & Confidence’ programme is for you if you want to:

​Are you ready to take the next step in your career?

Step 1: Who am I?

​Understand yourself, your patterns and whats most important to you

Step 2: Where do I want to go?

​Define a meaningful career goal & Create a clear path forward

Step 3: How do I get there?

​Get unstuck and make your dream career reality

My 'Signature Career & Confidence' programme includes:

Small companies, startups and ZZPers in the Netherlands can apply for a full subsidy of 10 sessions. Reach out to learn more:

“Coaching with Miguel gives me the tools to think about all aspects of my life. And the biggest effect? It helps to be at ease, by observing emotions rather than being overwelmed by them.


Arend Hatik, Manager & Business Analyst

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