Step #1
​Follow the 7 weeks discovery guide towards your career!

Step #2: What if you could learn even more about yourself and the career that makes you fulfilled?

You will leave the coaching session transformed. Either by taking concrete action steps moving forward. Or by getting a different perspective. Or by removing fears that might be holding you back today.

We will dive right into working:

  • Experience coaching on a question or problem you currently have
  • We will unpack the topic, zoom in or out to create perspective
  • I will challenge you on limiting beliefs
  • We look at what emotions you have around this topic and what might be holding you back
  • We will create a future or goal for you that feels motivating and slightly scary

While we coach, you will get to know me and how I work first hand:

  • Understand the neuroscience behind coaching
  • Ask any questions you might have about me or my coaching approach
  • Clarify questions on logistics, timing, and fees

If you are interested in this first FREE coaching session, sign up here:

Miguel Baumann

Certified Career & Life Coach

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