The first Career Workbook based on Neuroscience

Finally know what you want to do with your career

Not really sure about your career? Thinking: 'Is this it?' but also not sure what else you really want?

My career discovery guide will help you with that and so much more! From all my experience of working with 100s of clients over the past 5 years as career coach and manager I used the best exercises, frameworks and insights from Neuroscience and combined it in this book:

Limit old brain patterns through self-reflection and move forward with a new sense of direction and focus.

Part 2: 
Think outside your comfort zone. Get unstuck and create new career options you never had the courage to believe you could try

Create goals that align with who you are, and have emotional meaning, to increase your chances of success.

Part 4: 
Support smart decisions that feel good in the long run. Overcome procrastination by knowing your own mental patterns and emotions.

Reboot your career Career book

What readers are saying

Making an educated career choice requires the idea what you want to do in your professional life. The book from Miguel helped my to identify my true passions and allowed me to map out a strategy to achieve my goals.

Carsten Schroer, Postdoc in Computational Chemistry
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Miguel’s guide gave me a laser sharp assignment to reflect and go back to basics: my youth. To get back in touch with my younger self, and what gave my younger self tons of energy and happiness. It taught me that looking back can be a very good way to refresh the look forward.

Firas Abdulhasain, Senior Project Manager 
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It was a tough book to work through – a lot of the things I never thought about came up and really made a difference in how I am planning my future! I really feel like going somewhere now although there are still things to be figured out to be honest – I really enjoyed the learning and felt the time was well invested.
Karla Seitz, Process analyst in chemical engineering

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About the author

I am Miguel, a serial entrepreneur with successes and failures. I hold masters degrees in both international and technology management. As a corporate manager for a Fortune 500 company in digital product management and data science, I was running, full speed, in circles. I wanted to change the world with interesting, but personally meaningless, start-ups. When I achieved success I ran faster to avoid looking at the truly relevant questions in my life.
Eventually I began getting regular headaches. It took a diagnosis of stress-induced migraines for me to press pause. My doctor noted, ‘You are stressed through the roof and barely breathing.’ That was the moment I hit reset.

Over the next few years I very consciously created my own career. I continue to do so every day. I follow my curiosity and playfulness, becoming more myself with each passing day. I back up my interests with hard work, dedication and continual learning to support others on their journey of creating meaningful careers.