​Are you done with this critical voice in your head saying you are not good enough?

Are you having a nagging feeling that you need to prove something to the world or that you are not good enough? Constantly comparing yourself to others? Working hard to cover up your “flaws”,  or your real feelings?

As an LGBTQ+ person working in a heteronormative world, you know the rules can sometimes be different for you and that you need to take that extra step to find your own road to success. 

I am the secret weapon on your side to be successful in your own unique way and design a more exciting and meaningful future.

I work in English, Dutch and German.

It's time for you to feel valuable, stand in your power, and SHINE. Do not hide your magic any longer.

I support my clients to feel confident to show up exactly the way they are – beautiful in their own unique way. My own experience of struggling and learning to be my full self as well as my professional training make me a great partner in crime to uncover the beautiful YOU and let it shine. You are different and deserve a customized solution. It’s important to have a coach on your side who gets you fully.


Topics I traditionally work on with my clients:

This work is about helping you reach your own personal potential. Becoming the person you want to be. Read more about my own story here or sign up for a free coaching session:

Step 1: Know yourself

Understand your own thought patterns. Who are you? What are you still hiding? Figuring out what your definition of success looks like

​Step 2: Fully accept yourself

Fully own who you are, what you have done and where you are in your life right now. Build the confidence to be you

​Step 3: Unleash yourself

​Show the world the beautiful you, shine with confidence and go after whats truly meaningful for you

My coaching program includes:

Small companies, startups and ZZPers in the Netherlands can apply for a full subsidy of 10 sessions. Reach out to learn more: