Be bold: Get your life unstuck & feel confident

My confidence coaching programme 'Be Bold' is tailor made for you to feel confident

I have been struggling with speaking in front of large groups. Be it small presentations in first grade or with big debates at University. 

Today, I love standing in front of a room and I am really good at it. I just needed to deal with my anxiety and confidence first to let my talent shine.

My ‘Signature Life Coaching’ programme is for you if you too:

​Are you ready to transform your life, get rid of that voice in your head and feel confident wherever you go?

​I am based in Amsterdam but work worldwide via Video calls in Dutch, English and German.

Eye opening! Things I learned are: how to unravel the knots, feel confident and strong, go back to my basic values and learn tools how to fix things myself. I worked with Miguel with visual solutions and felt relieved as well as eye opening going through the coaching with him.

Jana Slechtova, Startup Founder and Projectmanager
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Understand yourself

Understand how your experiences have influenced your thought and behavior patterns. What are you still hiding? What are you longing for?

Be proud of yourself

Rewrite your story: Fully own who you are, what you have done and where you are in your life right now. Build the confidence to be you!

Unleash yourself

Show the world your new vision for yourself. Adapt your life so it reflects your new confidence and adjust your goals for your life and career.

My 'Confidence' programme includes:

Get started today

In this first call we will check what you want to achieve, what might be holding you back and you will gain a new perspective on confidence and how to rebuild it.

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