​I help you with my experience to setup
your business

I have extensive experience in large corporations in e-commerce across Europe and the world and with Startups operating in several markets.

I use this to support you on concrete questions you have and coach you to success setting up activities abroad (focus on Europe)

I offer the following services and support:

– Accounting setup (trusted partners with experience in cross border trade, incl. Switzerland)
– Advice on regulations expoerting, importing and cross border trade
– Cultural advice in Marketing & communication with local sensitivities (e.g healthcare, office supllies and other areas of expertise)
– Exploring different business models that might work differently in different markets for success
– How to attract and find talent in the local branch
– How to manage multiple cultures and offices without losing focus on the main tasks: creating a product customers love

Personal experience

I have personally worked in and with the following countries in different cpacities:

– Nordics (Sweden, Norway and Denmark): Setting up localised onlineshop including multicurrency systems, taxsystems for Staples International
– Switzerland:Country of origin, been a board member for several companies and understanding the local tax benefits and specificities, incl, payrolling between the Netherlands and Switzerland
– Germany: Set up a startup that had branches across

Reach out to me on those questions. My experience in Startups and corporates has forced me to deeply understand all the particularities of import, export, cross border trade, but also hiring employees and their need for connection and different cultural backgrounds.

​Let me be your guide on this journey! See below to signup for a call.

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Miguel Baumann

Certified Career & Life Coach

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