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Develop your own leadership style to create high performance teams

Managing tech teams can be tough. Building an innovative, creative team that dares to speak up. That is committed to your and the companies goals. With unclear goals from the top and the task to figure it all out – although the strategy is shifting all the time.

Is this you right now?

Then here is your solution: Develop your own leadership style so you can effectively use the tools and frameworks for managing people, your way.

Through my ‘Leadership in Tech’ programme you will learn the tools, frameworks to feel confident in your leadership role.

Through this programme you will:

Are you ready to take the next step in your leadership development?

Lead yourself

Understand yourself, your patterns and define your own leadership style that matters most to you

Lead your team

Practice your leadership style with your team. Apply new communication frameworks and lead with authenticity

Lead for change

Create a clear strategy and implement change through candid communication. Balance transactional and transformational leadership.

My 'Leadership in Tech' programme includes:

Small companies, startups and ZZPers in the Netherlands can apply for a full subsidy of 8 sessions. Reach out to learn more: coaching@miguelbaumann.com

“Through the coaching with Miguel I got to know myself better and find simple ways to move out of my comfort zone. It enabled me to show up more with my team and stakeholders and to work on my personal and professional development. I feel ready and confident to go out in the world and achieve much more. Working with Miguel was enormous fun and I can recommend him 100% as coach.”

Ivo Hristov, Team manager at Gucci
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In this first leadership strategy call we will check what you want to achieve, what might be holding you back and you will gain a new perspective on your career moving forward.

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