Organizational Coaching & Workshops

Build high-performing teams with ease

The people in your organization are both your most expensive asset and hold the biggest potential for your growth & performance.

Is your team or organization struggling with:

All our Team Coaching programmes are bespoke to your needs at that point in time and can focus on:

Are you ready to take your organization to the next level with lasting transformation?

Option 1: Bespoke trainings & workshops

Our experience based (remote) workshops are a series of content and exercises based on your specific needs.

By applying a process of pre- and post-workshop engagement we ensure that impact lasts and is not just a "nice meeting" but a transformative milestone.

Option 2: Leadership and team coaching

Leadership and team coaching is focusing on system and team dynamics, communication skills and personal development to take ownership or speak up.

It creates sustainable and resilient teams and leaders that enjoy working together and create the highest impact possible for their clients

Process of organizational and team coaching:

Small companies, startups and ZZPers in the Netherlands can apply for a subsidy €2500. Reach out to learn more:

Companies we have worked with in the past on building high-performing teams:

We are a team of experienced corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, trained facilitators and coaches that work together with companies in the digital world to facilitate human growth and organizational change. 

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Miguel Baumann

Certified Career & Leadership Coach