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Humbling words I received from some of my 200+ clients

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“Miguel really helped me a lot. We had regular sessions for over a year of regular indepth and transforming conversations. I can fully recommend to work together with him. He comes quickly to the point, has vast knowledge and experiences, and simply a very skilled coach. Thank you, Miguel!”

Stefanie Hetjens, CEO Everywow & Ed-tech Entrepreneur
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“Miguel has helped me to find the confidence, the right tools and the courage to improve in my managerial position in my startup. With his friendly, challenging and insightful coaching sessions, he helped me to navigate through hard moments in my life and my career, and to handle anxiety and stress related to my job. I would warmly recommend Miguel!”

Nikolas Gaio, PhD, CTO and Founder at BI/OND
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“Through the coaching with Miguel I got to know myself better and find simple ways to move out of my comfort zone. It enabled me to show up more with my team and stakeholders and to work on my personal and professional development. I feel ready and confident to go out in the world and achieve much more. Working with Miguel was enormous fun and I can recommend him 100% as coach.”

Ivo Hristov, Team manager at Gucci
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“I started working with Miguel in a critical moment of my life and career where I felt lost and stuck in what I was doing. Miguel helped me discover my values and gain the confidence to make a number of changes in my life – setting up my own business successfully. Through the sessions I got to know myself better, and learned how to manage and leverage both my strengths and weaknesses. He challenged me and coached me every step of the way, creating an open and honest environment to work in. I could not have done it without him. ”

Claudia van den Berg Morelli, Entrepreneur and Startup Consultant
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coaching startup cofounder
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“Miguel was coaching me when I was looking for my next role, he helped me to work on my confidence, self-esteem, showed me how to align my job search and future role with my personal values. Miguel advised me a framework on how to navigate through job offers and decide which would be best for me and my future career path. Miguel is a great coach, he is very easy to talk to and I enjoyed each of our sessions very much.”

Elena Salova, Senior Data Scientist
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leadership coach amsterdam

“Miguel really helped me a lot. We had regular sessions for over a year of regular indepth and transforming conversations. I can fully recommend to work together with him. He comes quickly to the point, has vast knowledge and experiences, and simply a very skilled coach. Thank you, Miguel!”

Anna ZoladkiewiczSr. Manager, Founder & Coach
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“I was fortunate to have worked with Miguel as my coach in a company-sponsored executive coaching program. He was very good at what he does as a coach, listening very attentively, asking intriguing questions, giving honest feedback, and providing useful insights. I would recommend Miguel without reservation to anyone or any organization. I am confident he will bring a great and effective coaching experience to you as well.”

Long Cheng, PhD, Sr. Manager of Analytics team in Advanced Research
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leadership coaching

Miguel helped me to take an enormous step forward and gaining nieuw insights in my thinking patterns. With his coaching I got the feeling I was myself leading the direction while he challenged and supported me on this process. And yet, I could not have made these steps without him. Miguel gives room for exploration but also knwos when to challenge and inspire.”

Wout van der Weijden, Design Thinker and Business Owner
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“One of my previous employers was generous enough to offer me coaching sessions with Miguel. And that was the best career advice I ever get in my life. Every session was just an eye-opening experience on how to overcome difficulties and grow. After these sessions I feel that I became a better version of myself. I highly recommend Miguel for his professionalism, personal attitude and experience.”

Aleksandr Arakelov, Engineering Manager | Startup-Founder 
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“Insights for me and my startup. ​​ As Coach, Miguel has helped advance my startup enormously with his sharp understanding and vast experience of the challenges an entrepreneur is facing. He was always one step
ahead, making us aware of what is coming.​”


Samuel Härtl, Founder & Media Expert
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My coaching sessions with Miguel helped me to manage my time and expectations within a fast-paced and sometimes chaotic work environment. He gave me several challenges between sessions which pushed me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to improve myself and my team in meaningful ways. Even after the coaching had ended, he still took the time to reach out several months later to check in on me and ensure transformation has stabilized.

Darcy Dwyer, Digital Product Lead
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career coaching

“I had a great experience working with Miguel. In just a few months he helped me figuring out my career path. What I mostly liked about working with Miguel is his ability in asking the right (and sometimes difficult) questions, that force you to think hard about what you want to do.

He’s the coach I would 110% recommend if you are feeling low or insecure about your job!”

Leonardo Piumi, Sr. Digital Marketing Manager & Speaker
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Miguel coached me when I was sorting out ambitions and next steps in my career. He helped me connect the dots, adding additional insights and offered tools that I can use in my daily life. I highly recommend Miguel as a coach and as a personality!

Loek van t’ Veer, Strategic Analyst at Transavia
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“Miguel really supported me with simple and powerful tools I could use to deal with my challenges. I was without a job and he never stopped believing in my skills and always challenged me to grow as a person and my career. I clearly notice he truly care about the well being of his clients besides being a great human. Through coaching with him I was able to land my job and started my own startup and I can say that his work was essential to I achieve where I am now. Miguel, thank you so much for all the support and everything you did for me!”

Gabi Silva, Founder & CEO | Software Engineer
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Eye opening! Things I learned are: how to unravel the knots, feel confident and strong, go back to my basic values and learn tools how to fix things myself. I worked with Miguel with visual solutions and felt relieved as well as eye opening going through the coaching with him.

Jana Slechtova, Co-Founder & Scrum Master
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Miguel has been a strong motivating force pointing me towards the right professional career path. Helping me to innovate with fresh perspectives and points of action to keep me experiencing growth. I cannot thank him enough and would be keen to collaborate with him again in future!


Ihsan Yahya, Digital Designer & Photographer

“I had an incredible experience working with Miguel! He is more than just a coach. I feel that he really cares about me and my outcome regarding my career growth and my personal development. He has an almost uncanny ability to see past surfaces and uncover what has been hidden under so many layers. I am endlessly grateful that our paths crossed a year back. I know that I can always rely on his guidance in basically any situation that life throws at me.”

Tania BozhevaBrand Manager
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“I sought the help of Miguel earlier last year to get through some challenging times. He was able to carefully identify my concerns and has provided me with valuable feedback to help me grow and understand my self. As a result I feel I developed a greater sense of self-confidence and have become more then prepared to deal with many of my former fears. The coaching was a massive success and I highly recommend his services.”

Thomas Melville, Game Designer and Environment Artist

“Coaching with Miguel gives me tools to think about all aspects of my life. And the biggest effect? It helps to be at ease, by observing emotions rather than being overwhelmed by them.

Arend Hatik, Manager & Business Analyst”

“​​Miguel has a way of making me feel comfortably uncomfortable to see my patterns in a whole different way.​This gave me the strength I needed to go through a reorientation in my professional life successfully and with open eyes. And along the way I got to know myself better.

Carolien Sandd, Lawyer

​​”After losing my job, there were so many easy ways to get back to usual work instead of pursuing my dream. I was struggling and Miguel helped me think about, reflect and take action on my life that were aligned with what I really want. And then launched my own business!

Christian Grüner, Financial expert, chef & Founder

“​​What is my next step? I was working with Miguel on shaping the next step in my working life. He helped me getting out of my thought process without him actually doing the thinking for me.With Miguel you are searching by yourself while he is handing you the right tools and support.

Marloes Bakker, Mother & Political Scientist