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I get it, it's hard sometimes

​You have a decent job, you are managing a team and it sounds nice when you introduce yourself to others. You juggle meetings, emails, your own and your manager’s goals. You even fit some yoga or a visit to the gym in between. It all seems fine.

And that’s exactly it, it only seems fine. Smiling on the outside, crying in private. Not sure who you are or what you want exactly. Missing that sense of direction. And you are done with that voice in your head telling you “you’re not good enough” or “just not smart enough”.

And you KNOW that there is more for you!

Step 1: Who am I?

Build the confidence to be bold

Step 2: Where do I want to go?

Create a clear path forward

Step 3: How do I get there?

Get unstuck and make your dream a reality

Let my experience help you go forward

I use my experience as serial entrepreneur and corporate manager and certified coach to massively accelerate your transformation.

My inclusive coaching practice is rooted in an extensive international background, Co-Active coaching, Somatics, Neuroscience and 10+ years of building and leading teams.

As certified coach (PCC, CPCC) I have worked over the last four years with 150+ clients and companies on building confidence, high performing teams and advance meaningful careers. My mission is to create a world where everyone can be their full self.

After working with me, my clients have real confidence to create Hell Yeah! in their lives​

“Insights for me and my startup.  As Coach, Miguel has helped advance my startup enormously with his sharp understanding and vast experience of the challenges an entrepreneur is facing. He was always one step
ahead, making us aware of what is coming.”

Samuel Härtl, Founder & Media Expert
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Through working with me you will have a clear perspective & the confidence to go after what you really want.

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